Among the various activities carried out by TECNOACUSTICA an important role is played by work for public and private sector companies, with particular reference to:

  • Soundproofing system components and cooling systems used by apartment buildings, shopping centres and hotels;

  • Creating soundproof fencing for the reduction of noise emitted by shopping centres, logistics centres and to protect schools and residential lots from the noise emitted by neighbouring infrastructures.

  • Environmental reverberation control interventions for gyms, canteens and restaurants.

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In the field of noise reduction for private citizens, the soundproofing of cooling systems, and especially refrigeration equipment, is particularly important, including cooling towers at the service of public and private activities that exceed the environmental noise limits and differentials provided by current legislation.

The sources of noise in a cooling system or tower are the compressors and the fans. Therefore, for the work to be effective, it must be able to intercept both components without inducing excessive load losses and avoiding recirculation.

TECNOACUSTICA is able to offer solutions that are suitable for the various systems, while respecting both the characteristics of the system and the environment surrounding it.

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A noise control barrier is a sound wall along a boundary and is suitable for intercepting the noise emitted outside shopping malls or logistics centres or for protecting schools, kindergartens or residential units from the noise caused by vehicles along neighbouring streets.

TECNOACUSTICA designs and develops the best solutions to solve problems related to noisy activities with the use of different types of material such as steel, aluminium, glass, wood or Corten steel, in order to achieve the predetermined noise reduction goal by inserting the noise control barrier as harmoniously as possible with the environmental context, and also by researching solutions that are different from the traditional ones.

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In large environments, enclosed by acoustically reflective surfaces, there is an echo caused by the sound bouncing off reflective walls.

This acoustic reverberation is particularly annoying in environments such as gyms, cafeterias, restaurants and entertainment halls, where understanding what is being said is paramount in the relationship between the users.

To make these environments accessible it is absolutely necessary to adequately treat them with sound-absorbing materials with high sound absorption coefficients at various frequencies.

To solve this problem TECNOACUSTICA proposes the ALFATEC panels that can be applied to the wall or ceiling, laid out following a specific study of the area to insert the appropriate number of sound dampening panels. These panels can also be positioned leaving a suitable amount of space between them and the ceiling to increase their absorptive capacity. The ALFATEC panel treatment systems differ based on the type of room to be treated, in sturdy chrome-plated steel for sport's centres and more discreet and elegant painted clamped metal sheets for dining halls and libraries.

The absorbent material consists of mats of visible polyester fibre or mineral wool covered in protective fabric.

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