Environmental acoustic treatments

In the field of industrial soundproofing we work mainly on two different fronts:

  • Containment of the level of exposure of operators to noise produced by production machinery in compliance with Legislative Decree 81/2008;
  • Containment of noise emissions towards the outside in compliance with the Prime Minister’s Decree of 14/11/1997 and subsequent amendments.

We design, manufacture and install our noise reduction systems to ensure compliance with legal objectives and precise noise reduction guarantees.

Thanks to the esteem and trust of our clients, we have had the opportunity to fully satisfy their requests by carrying out different types of soundproofing interventions, offering our advice and our “turnkey” service.


In noisy industrial environments where it is not possible to segregate the machinery or shield them effectively and when the operator’s activity is carried out directly in contact with the machines, the only way to lower the noise level of exposure is to treat the environment acoustically with our ALFATEC panels, positioned close to walls or on the ceiling..

The TECNOSOFT panels, on the other hand, are hung vertically (in baffles) and minimize the internal reverberation caused by the reflective surfaces, therefore the amount of sound energy reflected in these areas.

Operating with an appropriate sound-absorbing treatment, the average reduction in sound level that can be achieved varies from a minimum of 2 dB(A) to a maximum of about 6 dB(A).

Before acoustically treating the environment, it is advisable to carry out an accurate acoustic study to analyse the spectrums of the noise produced by the machinery, the reverberation times at the various frequencies within the area and evaluate the materials of the reflective surfaces within the area, the position of the machines and those of the operators.

Acoustic studies make it possible to select:

  • the type of treatment required
  • the exact type of sound-absorbing material
  • the correct quantity of absorbent units
  • the appropriate positioning to achieve the predetermined acoustic objective

Only by doing this is it possible to verify the reduction of the noise exposure on the part of staff which has been obtained with the environmental acoustic remediation treatment.