Noise reducer

Acoustic barriers are undoubtedly the most effective system for solving the problem of noise pollution in road and motorway environments.

At TECNOACUSTICA we have perfected a range of products that combine aesthetics, durability and value for money.

In addition to the construction of the barrier, we are able to provide all other services ranging from the preliminary design of the acoustic remediation interventions, to testing of the work carried out.


A noise reducer is a device that is installed on the upper edge of a noise barrier to enhance its acoustic performance and to increase the virtual height of the barrier itself, through a specific action exerted on the propagation of the sound wave at the point where it is diffracted by the screen. With the installation of this device, we can reduce the height of the barrierthus obtaining a benefit in terms of visual impact with the same acoustic result.

We produce different types of diffractor:

  • OCTAGONAL reducer
  • ELLIPTICAL reducer
  • SUPER reducer

The types of diffractors we propose originate from our experience gained to develop this technology, and from these tests it is clear that the effectiveness of the reducer depends on:

  • Reducer width
  • Continuity of sound insulation: inside the reduce it is advisable to also have a sound-resistant baffle that starts from the base of the reducer
  • Size of the noise-absorbing material