In the field of industrial soundproofing we work mainly on two different fronts:

  • Containment of the level of exposure of operators to noise produced by production machinery in compliance with Legislative Decree 81/2008;
  • Containment of noise emissions towards the outside in compliance with the Prime Minister’s Decree of 14/11/1997 and subsequent amendments.

We design, manufacture and install our noise reduction systems to ensure compliance with legal objectives and precise noise reduction guarantees.

Thanks to the esteem and trust of our clients, we have had the opportunity to fully satisfy their requests by carrying out different types of soundproofing interventions, offering our advice and our “turnkey” service.


We have two types of SILENCERS available: absorptive or dissipative baffle silencers. Absorptive silencers are used for the intake and discharge of:

  • Internal combustion engines
  • gas turbines with reciprocating and centrifugal compressors
  • electric motors, axial fans
  • ventilation and air conditioning systems
  • vents and drains for non-critical conditions

Dissipative baffle silencers are used in the industrial sector when it is necessary to dispose of the internal heat generated by the system through the insertion of air inlet and outlet openings. They can also be used to silence the noise of exhausts and steam vents for high air flow rates.

Their size is based on geometric parameters such as:

  • relationship between the perimeter and the surface of the individual air passage channels created between the baffles
  • length and acoustic parameters, such as the sound absorption coefficients of sound-absorbing baffles

The shape of the dissipative silencers with baffles is normally rectangular, while cylindrical dissipative silencers, with or without central shank, are mainly used for system reasons.