Soundproofing air-conditioning systems

A significant part of our business is dedicated to interventions in the civil and urban sectors, in particular:

  • Soundproofing of system components and refrigeration equipment used in block of flats, shopping centres, hotels.
  • Construction of acoustic fences to reduce the noise emitted by shopping centres and logistics centres, and to protect schools and residential areas from the noise emitted by neighbouring infrastructures.
  • Environmental reverberation control interventions for gyms, canteens, classrooms and restaurants.


In the field of civil noise reduction, soundproofing interventions on technological systems are of great importance, in particular those applied to refrigeration systems and evaporation towers whose noise levels exceed those legally permitted.

In these cases, the sources of noise are compressors and cooling fans: an effective soundproofing intervention must intercept both components, without, however, inducing excessive pressure losses to the systems themselves and preventing any recirculation of hot air.

At TECNOACUSTICA we propose specific solutions for various systems such as silent shields and acoustic barriers in compliance with both the characteristics of the system and the surrounding environment.