TECNOWALL metal noise barriers

Acoustic barriers are undoubtedly the most effective system for solving the problem of noise pollution in road and motorway environments.

At TECNOACUSTICA we have perfected a range of products that combine aesthetics, durability and value for money.

In addition to the construction of the barrier, we are able to provide all other services ranging from the preliminary design of the acoustic remediation interventions, to testing of the work carried out.

TECNOWALL metal noise barriers

We produce modular metal panels for road and motorway acoustic barriers with different materials. The TECNOWALL noise panels, identified with the acronym TW, can be made of:

  • Galvanized and painted steel, identified with the letters AV
  • Painted aluminium, identified with the letters ALV
  • Corten steel, identified by the letters AC
  • Stainless steel, identified with the letters AV INOX .

The metal sheets are available in thicknesses of 8/10 – 10/10 – 12/10 – 15/10 mm, which are identified in the panel code by the numbers 8-10-12-15 next to the acronym that specifies the material. The assembly of the panel involves insertion of an insulating element between the two sheets, consisting of mineral wool or polyester fibre. Depending on the sound insulation or sound absorption requirements, it is possible to create two different types of TECNOWALL metal panels, available in 115 mm and 95 mm thicknesses.

The metal panels proposed in the 95 mm-thick version are as follows:
TW 95 AV8 TW 95 AV10 TW 95 AV15 TW 95 AC10 TW 95 ALV10 TW 95 ALV12 TW 95 ALV15

The metal panels proposed in the 115 mm-thick version are as follows:

TW 115 AV10 TW 115 AV10+ALV12 TW 115 AV12 INOX TW 115 AV15 TW 115 AC10 TW 115 ALV12 TW 115 ALV12 BL TW 115 ALV15

All our panels are EC marked and are equipped with anti-vibration plastic heads designed to minimize the acoustic bridges at the uprights, thus allowing the panel to adapt to any type of upright. Noise barrier panels can be made monoabsorbent or biabsorbent (BL), if the noise source comes from both sides.

In special cases, for static needs, mixed panels can be used combining different materials in a single panel. The mixed steel-aluminium panel proposed by TECNOACUSTICA is a panel from the TECNOWALL range with a nominal thickness of 115 mm, and is composed of a shell in solid painted steel sheet metal with a thickness of 10/10 mm and a lid in perforated and painted aluminium with a thickness of 12/10 mm.

In order to better suit the environmental and qualitative setting, we also offer DECOR finishes (wood effect) and anti-graffiti treatments that improve the aesthetic properties of the panel and allow you to remove dirt and graffiti without damaging the underlying paint.