Control Rooms

In the field of industrial soundproofing we work mainly on two different fronts:

  • Containment of the level of exposure of operators to noise produced by production machinery in compliance with Legislative Decree 81/2008;
  • Containment of noise emissions towards the outside in compliance with the Prime Minister’s Decree of 14/11/1997 and subsequent amendments.

We design, manufacture and install our noise reduction systems to ensure compliance with legal objectives and precise noise reduction guarantees.

Thanks to the esteem and trust of our clients, we have had the opportunity to fully satisfy their requests by carrying out different types of soundproofing interventions, offering our advice and our “turnkey” service.


CONTROL ROOMS, or operator booths, are silent and ergonomically designed environments for employees to operate in an environment where the climate and lighting are comfortable. Inside, both a false ceiling and a raised floor are provided to ensure the passage of all the system networks for the control panels, air conditioning and lighting. Large, laminated safety glass windows, both thermally and acoustically insulated, are added to allow operators to monitor the system with a wide view to ensure quick emergency interventions.

At TECNOACUSTICA we create control rooms using our modular TECNOSYSTEM technology, applied both to automatic and semi-automatic production systems, ensuring areas with total acoustic protection.