Transparent TECNOWALL noise barriers

Acoustic barriers are undoubtedly the most effective system for solving the problem of noise pollution in road and motorway environments.

At TECNOACUSTICA we have perfected a range of products that combine aesthetics, durability and value for money.

In addition to the construction of the barrier, we are able to provide all other services ranging from the preliminary design of the acoustic remediation interventions, to testing of the work carried out.

Transparent TECNOWALL noise barriers

The transparent TECNOWALL panels, identified with the acronym TW, can be made of:

Acrylic material (Polymethylmethacrylate), identified by the letter A

Tempered and non-tempered laminated glass, identified by the letter V

The panels, if made of acrylic material, can have a thickness of 15 or 20 mm, indicated by the numbers 15 or 20 in the panel code, and consist of a perimeter frame in galvanized steel that is polyester powder coated, complete with EPDM perimeter seals.

The panels made of laminated glass are composed of two 8-mm thick sheets with 1.52 mm of PVB in the middle and are identified with the number 88.4 in the panel code.

All our panels are EC marked and are made with recyclable materials. To avoid bird collisions, we have carried out several studies in collaboration with LIPU (the Italian League for the Protection of Birds) thanks to which, in all the TECNOACUSTICA noise barriers, satin stripes are inserted inside the transparent slab, thus contributing to safeguarding the local fauna.