The most effective system to meet noise containment and reduction requirements in the railway sector is the use of noise barriers.

This strategy is implemented in order to avoid exceeding the input noise value limit established for railway infrastructures.

To be used in this field, noise barriers must guarantee high quality over time and must be composed of modular elements, to ensure that the components can be replaced rapidly in case of maintenance.

TECNOACUSTICA, thanks to its experience in the field of railway infrastructure soundproofing, has qualified some products for railway use by subjecting them to fatigue test cycles as per the ITALFERR Protocol, such as:

  • TECNOWALL 115 ALV15 panel in aluminium
  • TECNOWALL 115 AV12 INOX panel in steel
  • TECNOWALL trasparente A 15 panel in polymethylmethacrylate
  • TECNOWALL trasparente V 88.4 panel in tempered laminated glass (with the use of appropriate perimeter containment frames)

All RFI guidelines have been revised in the light of the experience of ITALFERR due to the durability and mechanical strength of the materials, and now only provide for the use of:

  • Stainless steel sheet panels
  • Concrete panels
  • Tempered laminated glass panels complete with suitable perimeter frame

TECNOACUSTICA has contributed to the construction of noise barriers for the Pontremoli railway line and has created important collaborations with companies in the production of prefabricated concrete items, currently one of the preferred products by ITALFERR – RFI.