Environmental treatments

A significant part of our business is dedicated to interventions in the civil and urban sectors, in particular:

  • Soundproofing of system components and refrigeration equipment used in block of flats, shopping centres, hotels.
  • Construction of acoustic fences to reduce the noise emitted by shopping centres and logistics centres, and to protect schools and residential areas from the noise emitted by neighbouring infrastructures.
  • Environmental reverberation control interventions for gyms, canteens, classrooms and restaurants.


To avoid echoes, which are particularly annoying in places such as gyms, canteens, restaurants and public entertainment venues, the areas must be adequately equipped with special sound-absorbing materialscapable of intervening on various frequencies.

For this reason, at TECNOACUSTICA we use ALFATEC sound-absorbing panels that can be applied to the walls or ceiling, optimally distributed to use the correct number of absorbent units. These panels can be distanced from the ceiling to increase their sound absorption capacity, and the ALFATEC panel systems are specific to the type of room to be treated:

  • In sturdy chrome metal rods for sports venues
  • In painted sheet metal clamps for canteens and libraries

In sound-absorbing materials made of visible polyester fibre mats or mineral wool covered with protective fabric.