Noise reduction fences

A significant part of our business is dedicated to interventions in the civil and urban sectors, in particular:

  • Soundproofing of system components and refrigeration equipment used in block of flats, shopping centres, hotels.
  • Construction of acoustic fences to reduce the noise emitted by shopping centres and logistics centres, and to protect schools and residential areas from the noise emitted by neighbouring infrastructures.
  • Environmental reverberation control interventions for gyms, canteens, classrooms and restaurants.


Noise reduction fences are acoustic barriers positioned along the edge of the area of intervention; they are useful for intercepting the noise pollution produced by shopping centres or logistics centres and for isolating environments such as schools, kindergartens or residential units.

At TECNOACUSTICA we study and design the most suitable solutions to problems related to noisy activities thanks to the use of special TECNOWALL acoustic panels.
This equipment is specially designed for outdoor use and is made with different types of material such as galvanized and painted steel, stainless steel, corten steel, aluminium, glass, PMMA or wood.