Wooden TECNOWALL noise barriers

Acoustic barriers are undoubtedly the most effective system for solving the problem of noise pollution in road and motorway environments.

At TECNOACUSTICA we have perfected a range of products that combine aesthetics, durability and value for money.

In addition to the construction of the barrier, we are able to provide all other services ranging from the preliminary design of the acoustic remediation interventions, to testing of the work carried out.

Wooden TECNOWALL noise barriers

The wooden TECNOWALL silent panels for acoustic barriers use European woods such as oak and resinous woods, treated with ecological mineral oils, to obtain noise barriers with a reduced environmental impact.

The structural elements that constitute them are made partly of solid wood, while the ornamental elements are made of treated wood strips. All our panels are EC marked and are made with recyclable materials.

The sound-absorbing material can be made of high-density mineral wool panels or polyester fibre panels, sheltered from atmospheric agents thanks to a protective polyethylene fabric mesh, with high mechanical resistance characteristics.
To ensure a perfect acoustic seal at the junctions between one panel and another, we use special neoprene gaskets resistant to ageing, atmospheric agents and UV rays.

The acronym with which these wooden panels are identified is TECNOWALL wood.